Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo - 73040 - Marina di Alliste - Lecce
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Lista eventi nel Salento

Eventi Luglio 2016: 13 − Mercatino  delle Arti e delle Etnie                         Lecce 14 – Serata Karaoke in giardino                                   Hotel Jonico 15 − Mistura Louca & Friends  in concerto                  Gallipoli, Parco Gondar 15 – Black Sunglasses cover Band ZZ-TOP                 Torre San Giovanni 15 − Sagra della patatina                                                  Vernole, Lecce 15/16 − Festa patronale: Maria Ss. Del Carmelo      Nardò 16 – Festa di Santa maria                                        [...]

Nativity Scene live on the hill of Alliste

The nativity scene on the hill, unique to the area (the other is closer to Tricase, about twenty kilometers to the south), is located just at the steep bend of Via Marina, SP 211, which leads from Alliste beach, adjacent to the municipal cemetery. At that point, the road crosses a hill, called Serra, visible as a background when you exit from the town, and then declined more slowly toward [...]

Ancient Fair of Cribs and Puppet

In December, will be held in Lecce the ancient Fair of Cribs and Puppet. The stalls set up in Piazza Sant 'Oronzo and Cathedral Square will exhibit the famous nativity scene figures made of papier-mache craft. The papier-mâché in Lecce dates back to the seventeenth century and since then his work has remained in the local drive. For the occasion, the streets of the historic center of Lecce are filled [...]

Chocolate Fest in Lecce

From 5th to 8th December comes the Lecce, in Sant'Oronzo square, the "Chocolate Festival", the popular festival on the true Italian handmade chocolate. After the great success with critics and audiences of the stages held in the most beautiful cities of Italy, Masters chocolatiers of the National Chocolatiers Choco Love landed in the capital of Salento for a weekend dedicated to the taste of chocolate. The event - sponsored by [...]

Otranto, doorway to Orient

Known as the heel of Italy, Salento is the real doorway to Orient in Apulia. It was indeed on its ground that centuries before the advent of Christianity the Japigia people landed from Greece; and, once again, it was from Orient that Jew, Byzantine, Arabian, Saracen and Turkish people arrived. It was from the Land of Otranto – the Medieval name of Salento- that, after its colonization, the Occidental armies [...]

Carnival 2015 in Gallipoli

Sunday, February 1 OPEN DAY TO HANGAR OF FLOATS From 10:00 to 12:30 you can look inside the hangars of the wagons to see the realization of the great giants in Cartapesta. Photo exhibition on the Carnival 2014. From 16.00 to 18.30 you can look inside the hangars of the wagons to see the realization of the great giants in Cartapesta. Photo exhibition on the Carnival 2014. Sunday, February 8, [...]

Salento cooking

It is a simple cooking because it is made of poor ingredients, such as little refined flour or barley flour, cheaper than wheat one; or for the use of cultivated and wild vegetables that can be easily found in Salento, together with other kinds of products, such as snails; for its use of blue-fish, so revaluated today, but once it was the only kind of fish that people could afford; [...]


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