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Nativity Scene live on the hill of Alliste
Nativity Scene live on the hill of Alliste

Nativity scene live on the hill Alliste

The nativity scene on the hill, unique to the area (the other is closer to Tricase, about twenty kilometers to the south), is located just at the steep bend of Via Marina, SP 211, which leads from Alliste beach, adjacent to the municipal cemetery. At that point, the road crosses a hill, called Serra, visible as a background when you exit from the town, and then declined more slowly toward the coast. The crib has been there for about forty years, since Mr Luigi Safe, local artist, personally executed and gave the town the size plaster statues that compose it. You can admire it all year, but in the Christmas becomes even more impressive for adding extras living, lights and music. It has experienced a period of neglect in the nineties when the statues were damaged by vandalism and it is said that on that occasion their creator, genius and recklessness together, went in person with a hammer to complete the work of destruction.

About five years ago, however, a group of Allistini have established a special committee, Together for the crib, to resume and keep alive the tradition of the crib rock and protect it from further neglect. Apparently it was not easy to convince again Mr Safe to redo the statues and think he said that this would be the last time. However, to date, the crib is back to its old splendor, plus the itinerary, besides the typical characters of the crib, the huts were included in each of which are live ones that were the ancient crafts of the place and humble culinary traditions, presented the grannies who still readily lend themselves despite the cold, with a tasting of local products now unavailable. A huge bright comet installed on the highest point of the hill completes the work, making this crib beautiful, charming, touching, really unique.

Source: Delenda Carthago!


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